WWDC 2020 Event Keynote. , WWDC 2020 Event Keynote.

Apple’s most important moment of the year is today. The annual World Wide Developers Conference starts with a Special Event keynote, at 10AM Pacific, 1PM EDT, 6PM BST (U.K.) and 7PM CET.

We’ll expect to see coverage of all the software platforms, from iOS to iPadOS, macOS to tvOS and watchOS. There’ll be a lot of nitty-gritty details aimed squarely at developers, jollity and jokes (especially from Craig Federighi, a WWDC super-popular stalwart) and some indepth revelations.

Above all, Apple likes to put on a great show, and that won’t change, just because this is a virtual keynote. True, there’ll be no whooping and cheering from the attendees (well, not audibly, who knows what they’re all doing at home), but it’ll still be a great watch.

You can watch it yourself on YouTube, here, on the Apple TV app, on apple.com or in several other ways if you’re a developer.

The liveblog starts below a little while before the event itself. It will be updated all the time, so please refresh the page to see the latest updates right on top. I will be writing as fast as I can, so please pardon my typos. Stay tuned, and the updates will begin shortly.

11.18 Maps will be updated with Look Around and more, and ability to see friends who’ve shared their destinations with you.

Mac Catalyst, which also helps developers make apps that can work on both formats and there are more features for developers to take advantage of.

11.16 The new design looks similar to the iPad – the overlap between the two is more striking than ever. Adding widgets on the new Mac will be straightforward. Now, we’re on to Messages which was predicted to be updated.

New search capabilities, Memoji editing in Messages and those cool Message effect previously only seen in iOS.

The new style for macOSApple

11.13 There are new designs for the finder and many app icons. Photos looks different with the sidebar found elsewhere and others like Podcasts and Notes.

11.11 New design features with unified Apple symbols, depth and translucency will help simplicity. It looks very different. I have to say I really like it.

macOS Big SurApple

11.09 We’re on to the Mac. What’s the name for the next update? It’s macOS Big Sur.

Isaac Asimov’s FoundationApple

11.07 Apple TV+ is reaching 1 billion streams, Apple says, and now there’s a plug for a new Apple Original: Asimov’s Foundation. Sneak peek is playing now.

11.05 tvOS 14 extends picture-in-picture, have AirPlay show up in a picture-in-picture window.

11.02 Smart lights will gain access to adaptive lighting in HomeKit. Home cameras will be able to define activity zones and facial recognition.Better interoperability with these companies.

, WWDC 2020 Event Keynote.

11.01 Privacy at home is important, so there are new home features coming. All designed to be easy to use. Products are designed to work better together thanks to HomeKit. There are new interoperability standards set with other organizations.

10.59 Apps have to ask before they track you from now on. App privacy policies will be shown in the App Store to see before you download the app.

10.56 One quick drone flight and we’re back with Craig Federighi who’s talking about Privacy, a fundamental human right, Apple says. Sign in with Apple is an example and over 200 million Sign in with Apple accounts have been created. People have said they wanted to sign in using their existing account and this will now be possible.

Wash your hands with a soapy timer on your Watch.Apple

10.55 This is cute – an app to encourage you to wash your hands and to make sure you do it for long enough. The microphone is listening out for the sound of water and “squishing soap”.

10.53 You can choose when to go to bed, as well as your alarm time. Wind Down helps you to get to bed. It tracks your sleep measuring micro-movements and shows your battery level to remind you to charge in the morning.

10.52 The Dance workout capability sounds sophisticated. Oh, and the Workout app is being renamed Fitness. And here we go – Sleep tracking.

Cycling in Maps on the WatchApple

10.50 Cycling directions are coming to Maps. can tell you when to get off your bike. There are new workouts, and dance is being added in watchOS 7.

10.49 You can share Watch faces with other people, straight from the Watch.

10.48 First, though, there are more rich complications, including a chronograph face. and a new large face.

Spatial audio in AirPods

, WWDC 2020 Event Keynote.


10.47 Now we’re on to Apple Watch. I’m hoping for Sleep tracking.

10.44 Possibly the coolest thing yet, AirPods will automatically switch between devices like your iPhone and iPad instead of you having to switch them. New audio filters can create an immersive sound experience, Apple says. It even uses the accelerometer so it knows which way your head is facing and ensures the sound comes from the right place.


10.40 In a step away from software, we’re on to enhancements to Apple Pencil. Now, handwriting will be as powerful as typed text. Scribble will turn handwriting into typed text.

10.39 Search will look different, great for launching apps, finding contacts, files, and start web searches. It looks similar to Search on the Mac.

10.37 Siri on iPad is also redesigned, and Calls will no longer take over the whole screen.

Calls on the iPadApple

10.35 Photos has a new sidebar for better navigation. The same sidebar will be in Notes and Files. There are streamlined toolbars and drop-down menus.

10.34 Over 1 million apps designed just for iPad and now the design language is being enhanced, starting with the widgets found on iPhone.

10.33 And now it’s iPadOS.

App ClipsApple

10.31 It’s all about getting the right part of an app, say for paying for parking, or ordering takeout from Maps. There’s a special visual and NFC code to tell you when there’s an App Clip. Yelp can create App Clips for all the places it works with. They’re quick to launch, so they have to be under 10MB big.

10.28 The App Store is the next topic. “What if you can have the right app right when you need it. There’s an App Clip for that.”

10.27 You can unlock compatible cars – BMW has the first one – using your iPhone. You can share your key with others, too. The first car comes next month and it’ll work in iOS 13 when iOS 13.6 is released.

, WWDC 2020 Event Keynote.

10.22 Cycling routes are being added. Hurrah! It’ll take elevation into account so you know if you’re going uphill. Or need to carry your bike upstairs. NYC, LA, San Francisco Bay Area are the first in the US to get this. Oh, and there’s EV routing so you know where to recharge.

10.20 Apple Maps is going to be updated with privacy in mind. Advanced maps coming to more countries including the U.K. There’s help for finding great places, Apple says. Apple will work with trusted brands to create Guides to find cool places to go.

10.18 Now we’re on to Messages with updates to help you navigate. Now, and things are moving fast here, we’re discussing Memoji. More age options, more stickers.

Translate appApple

10.16 Yael Garten is talking about how Siri is updated with a new app called Translate. Designed to work in 11 languages. It looks pretty cool.

10.14 Now, we’re on to Siri. The new design doesn’t take over the home screen, just appear on it. In the meantime, Federighi has talked about picture-in picture on the iPhone screen.

Widgets on the home screen.Apple

“We’re excited to see how people will customize them in their own way.”


10.10 Now we’re on to widgets which are “beautiful and data-rich”. You can drag them and put them on the home screen.

App LibraryApple

10.07 Suddenly there are bigger apps, widgets and more. The App Library is a way of organizing apps so you don’t forget the apps you have but have forgotten about.

10.06 The home screen hasn’t changed, he says, which tells you it’s about to.

10.05 This is a more somber start than in other years, though Cook has often begun on a serious note. “In some ways we’re going to be more together than ever.”

And now Craig Federighi is starting with iOS 14.

Apple CEO TIm Cook at WWDCApple10.00 And Tim Cook is onstage!, From an empty Steve Jobs Theater. He’s talking about racism and the pain following the death of George Floyd.09.59. Appropriately enough, an Apple TV style screen saver is showing us the Earth from a satellite with music suited to a lullaby.