How Many Type Hosting

What is Cloud Web Hosting 

How Many Type Hosting

The Cloud hosting is a method in which online customized virtual servers can be created, modified and removed according to the requirements of customers. Cloud hosting is used to store website host, emails and to distribute web-based services. Cloud servers are actually virtual machines hosted on physical servers on which OS and other software

are used according to the client’s requirement after allocating resources like CPU, memory, storage etc. When you use cloud hosting, she puts herself on the server and goes to the server cluster and uses it.With the help of cloud hosting,the peak load of the website can also be managed conveniently because in this case the other server of the

cluster can offer additional resources to that server. In this way, the website does not have to depend on the resources of a single server because many servers share their resources while working in the cluster. Thus Cloud hosting is the base technology on cloud computing, in which storage, network, server are used.

What is vps and what is vps hosting.

How Many Type Hosting

VPS provides an online service that allows you to use your computer as it is, but one thing is different in that you can use it as if you use your computer, you can use your website You can use it as you want.

You can work with this file manager, storage, and by all means it works with cloud hosting, because cloud hosting is for websites with large server load and high traffic,but in a day Or in the month, they get the convenience of their usage. By all means get website and big dis and more stores, speed, unlimited, domain as well as lots of offers.

What is Shared Hosting

How Many Type Hosting

Shared hosting is a piece from inside vps because vps is too large for a normal website,it also has a large amount of disk space and more power to handle the website.Shared hosting is smaller, it is cheaper and better.If you want to build a website with less data or these people sell such small pieces of VPS hosting in the name of shared hosting so that everyone can use it.

Not everyone can buy cloud hosting and VPS hosting. Both are very expensive and are good for a large website, if you believe that your website can be very successful in the future,you can buy it later and move your website to it.

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