How To Rank Your Website In Google

, How To Rank Your Website In Google ?

1 – Start the title tag with your targeted keywords

As you can see, first of all, you have to focus more and more on the title of the post on which you want to write, then if you want to write on a book, then you have to target the title of the book and write that book. You will have to do that title in the manner everywhere.

2 – Use it in the first 100 words –

You have to use your title as much as possible within your first 100 or 200 words and you have to focus more and more on it, because Google posts you according to that I can see your search engine and its key is that on the base, your post will quickly come to the logo and the logo will be read and is good for ranking your website.

3 – Use an outbound link –

This is a link that you have to do within your post, it has to do it according to your post, it makes you feel good and define your post. And you want your post to have more people.

4- Meta descriptions for each page

There is something that you have to put in your page in any case, it is such a thing that disables the title of your page and your page and because of that people clicking on your page Are attracted to and open your page.Put your target keyword in the URL: Whatever your good keywords are and are more important, you have to put your URL on them. And write your post and attic properly so that Google does not have trouble reading your post, due to which your post gets ranked.

5 – You have to add such keywords within your post

which Google quickly and search engines should show it to the people well and those keywords should be such that people see click like keywords like free and marketing then more on your post. There is a chance of more people coming.

6-Write long content posts –

You had to write your post and write it so well that people can read it well and after searching the people of Google, they are in front of them and they may directly click on your post and click on longer posts.If this happens, Google will show that post in its search engine first. And you have to write T at least 2000 thousand words and if you want to heart, then you can write 5000 thousand as well, it depends on your posts and you.

7-What is an internal link –

An internal link is such a link that you can put in your own page and it happens that on the seo of your page There are chances of getting good results and it also has the benefit of more traffic on your post, and it happens that when someone reads your post and sees an internal link, then they click on it which they have to click on another post. There is a way to carry and also work on your website (bounce rate).

8-What is Image Optimization

, How To Rank Your Website In Google ?

SEO For Image WebSite: How To Do Image Optimization for SEO It works in optimizing all your images for a good article and because of this your image brings a high ranking on Google, due to which your post gets ranked in Google’s search engine And by resizing your image according to your website,it is made according to the website and because of that the ability to take the load of your image works on the website, due to which it comes quickly, does not take much load on the website.

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