Bakri Eid (Eid-ul-Adha)

Eid-ul-Adha or Bakrid is one of the most favorite Muslim festivals celebrated worldwide. It reminds one of Prophet Ibrahim, whose sacrifices were even able to sacrifice his first birth at the behest of God, and later sacrifice a sheep according to God’s instructions.

Pilgrims around the Kaaba the Grand Mosque in Mecca during Eid ul Adah

In today’s time, animals like goat, cow or camel are sacrificed, and it is a feast enjoyed with friends and family and a day of meeting. The festival is celebrated after the Haj pilgrimage.

Legend of eid al-adha

The festival of Bakrid is described in Islamic traditions. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was instructed by God to take his Egyptian wife Hajar and his son Ismail to the desert of Saudi Arabia and wanted to leave them there. By divine intervention, a well appeared here which helped Thousand and his son to survive. Later, Abraham returned here and preached the word of God and believed it wholeheartedly.

To test him, God asks him to repeatedly sacrifice his only son, Ishmael, in a dream. When Abraham asked Ishmael, he could bow to God’s will. Satan tries to distract them, but Ishmael kills him by throwing stones at him. Finally, when Abraham tried to cut his son’s throat, he was horrified by divine intervention and located a ram to offer a sacrifice instead. To commemorate this day of sacrifice and the mercy of God, Eid al-Adha is celebrated with the sacrifice of animals.

Other names for Bakrid

The proper name of Bakrid is Eid al-Adha. Because goat (goat) is sacrificed during this festival, it is celebrated as Bakrid. It is also called Qurbani.

When is Bakrid celebrated?

Bakrid is widely celebrated on the apex of the month of Islamic holy pilgrimage or Hajj. It comes every year in the tenth month of Dhul-Hag or the last month of the lunar Islamic calendar and is believed to be happy and because of that it gets a chance to meet loved ones once more and that is a good thing.

Ceremony of Bakrid

Bakrid is known everywhere in the country with a big ceremony. It is especially celebrated in the city of Hyderabad. And this festival is happily left in the same city. The day begins with people wearing new clothes and visiting the mosque. In the mosque, they pray or pray for the peace and prosperity of all. Takbeer is recited before and after Namaz.
Sacrifice is the most important aspect of Bakrid because it is sacrificed the most. Animals like goat, cow and camel are sacrificed. Animals must meet certain standards of perfection and sacrifices are performed according to religious rules.

Wealthy families are expected to supply an animal for sacrifice, whereas if the family is poor, seven or seventy families may contribute to sacrifice an animal. Which they also get help. Two thirds of meat is distributed among the poor and one third is kept by the family for consumption.
After Namaz, alms are given to the poor. People go to each other and wish Eid Mubarak. They go to the house of friends and relatives to celebrate Eid and embrace them.
Treats are prepared throughout the day. after that, guests are waited for, everyone is made a part of the celebration. Special dishes are prepared to celebrate Bakrid. In addition, gifts are also exchanged.

Bakri Eid Images